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The Japanese herbal natural blended tea-Akatuki is made of 16 types of

valuable raw materials from the farms all over Japan

from Hokaido to Okinawa. 

*** Authentic Japanese Product ***

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Here's VTR, a quick introdoction

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Akatuki tea is from 16 types of raw materials to develop the brand

which promote delicioua herbal natural tea in a convenient way(just by adding hot water)

based on the concept of  "Cure and Diet are from the same origin" and our knowhow.

by the support of plenty of farms and processing companies.


We are selecting those 16 types of raw materials carefully

from the traditional Japanese native species and

also working on the recovery of extinct species and

protective production of endangered species over 28 years all over Japan.

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The business is Japan national adoption business. 

The products are introduced as representative products in

the official booth of Japan

in the World Health Expo and other for many times over.

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The products received fantastic responses from

high-class hotels,department stores,

different natural food restaurants and health specialty store.


~ Akatuki  ~

Japanese Herbal Natural Blended Tea


Free of preservatives and additives!

Pursue ultimate taste with 100% natural ingredients


Those materials are selected carefully and combined.


100% Natural

Free of Additivers

No Caffeine

No Alcohol


Every tea bag is packed independently with sealed double layers.


Delicious・Healthy・Beauty Effects

Warming body

For beautiful and glowing skin

Help improve circulation


Would you like to experience the romance of health and beauty with

Japanese traditional superfood and traditional cultures

by drinking delicious herbal tea-Akatuki with cute pink color?



Uitable for all ages even for babies,the pregnant,the elderly

Can be enjoyed in defferent scenese.g.desert after meals,

health tea with beauty effect

We are receiving great comments from many customers

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 3g/bag×5bags                     3g/bag×10bags                   3g/bag×15bags                      3g/bag×30bags